How to purify water from iron from a well

Water from an individual source is often fortified with iron. In this regard, one has to deal with the fact that it is tasteless and rusty. In order to improve the quality of water, it is necessary to perform iron removal. Experts explain how to do everything correctly. Observing their recommendations, you can get high quality drinking water, which will exclude gastrointestinal diseases.

Methods for purifying water from iron

Experts talk about the fundamental ways to cleanse the liquid from ferrous iron. They are not difficult to apply in practice. The user can get by with the materials at hand. You can determine the method of water purification by the results of its analysis.


This method requires the installation of a tank of significant dimensions indoors or in a summer cottage. It serves to transport water. It is good if the liquid is fed into the barrel using a special shower head and under pressure.

The settling process involves the saturation of the liquid with oxygen. It happens slowly. As a result, the settled water is transported to the end points of the water supply.


Liquid purification by aeration is recognized by experts as the most effective technology. It involves the creation of an accelerated air exchange. This method allows you to enrich the water with oxygen. As a result, drinking water will have a normal chemical composition.

In addition to iron, aeration removes hydrogen sulfide from the liquid. This is due to the oxidation reaction of molecules. They become soluble and insoluble. Using this method it is possible to eliminate iron for large volumes of water. The result is an improvement in its taste characteristics. It is completely drinkable, since it does not contain hazardous substances that are bad for health. When using this method, you do not need to use chemical reagents, so there is no need for their disposal.

Depending on the technological characteristics of the process, there are different types of aeration. The pressure room provides for the use of specially designed aeration columns. The complete set of the tank includes a compressor installed at the inlet. The elimination of oxidized iron particles is carried out by a filter, which is located on the back of the container. The equipment is connected to a water supply that fills the tank with liquid. After that, the flow sensor turns on, which starts the compressor.

It promotes the supply of air to the chamber. With its help, ferrous iron is oxidized. When the pressure reaches the permissible mark in the tank, the sensor on the relief valve starts to work. Due to this, the process of removing excessively accumulated air occurs. At the final stage, the liquid is purified by means of a filtration unit. It allows you to retain oxidized iron particles, then the purified water is transported to the water supply system.

Among other methods, non-pressure aeration is used. This method assumes the presence of liquid in a carefully closed container. There it is sprayed into small droplets using nozzles. During this process, they are saturated with oxygen. This is necessary to start the process associated with the oxidation of ferrous iron. The developers have provided a specially designed compressor that contributes to the additional enrichment of water with oxygen.The only drawback of the method is considered to be not a sufficiently strong water flow at the outlet. This can be corrected by purchasing an AL-KO pumping station. With its help, the pressure in the water supply will be returned to normal. This method is in demand by users, as it is characterized by increased performance. You can process 5 thousand cubic meters of water per day.

In everyday life, such a method as ejector aeration is popular. To use it, you do not need to use expensive, large-sized equipment. In this case, the aeration unit is compact in size. Its work is performed due to the energy of the fluid flow in the pipeline. You do not need to connect the device to the mains. This device uses the Vthuri nozzle ejector, which contributes to the appearance of low-pressure sections in the pipes. A specially designed hole sucks in air bubbles. The complete set includes a non-return protection valve that prevents the transport of water to the outside. This method assumes the saturation of the liquid with oxygen at the expense of the ejector. Subsequently, it is transported to the filtering device.

Removal of iron with activated carbon

To do this, you need to purchase activated carbon at the pharmacy. It must be wrapped in cheesecloth. Liquid should be passed through such a filter. Experts explain that coal is characterized by adsorption properties, which will eliminate hazardous substances.

Silicon use

This method is quite simple. The container is filled with water, pebbles are thrown there. It is necessary to settle the liquid for two days. After cleansing, the top layer of water will be usable. In this case, the lower one, in which the sediment has accumulated, must be poured out. The user must periodically clean and decontaminate the stones.


This method is easy to use. Experts explain that impurities in the liquid are subject to freezing last, so most of it will become ice. What remains must be poured out.

How to make a filter for deferrizing water

The aeration system can be done independently. To do this, you need to have a plastic-based tank of 150 liters or more. You will also need pumping equipment, a hose and a shower head. In advance, it is necessary to prepare the required number of pipes that will serve to transport the purified liquid from the tank.

Experienced users recommend that the first step is to determine the place on the personal plot on which the water tank will be installed. Several holes will need to be made at the top of the container. They will allow the oxygen to enter the container. You can also open the lid so that it is not tightly closed. In the upper third of the container, a hole must be provided that will allow you to connect a pipe or hose. They are needed to transport water.

A shower head should be attached to the pipe inside the tank. With its help, water will be sprayed upon entering the tank. This process promotes aeration of iron oxidation with oxygen. On the other side of the barrel, in its upper third, it is necessary to provide for a pipe supply. It will serve as the supply of settled liquid to the domestic water supply system. The user should periodically clean the bottom of the container from the accumulated iron. If you follow these tips, then a self-made system designed to purify water from iron will work properly.
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