Selection criteria for an ionic humidifier

A comfortable indoor environment is impossible without a normal humidity level. In the summer heat or during the heating season, this indicator decreases, causing discomfort for the residents of the house. A large number of bacteria and dust particles accumulate in the air. An air humidifier with an ionizer makes the microclimate in the rooms comfortable and safe.

Why is air ionization carried out?

The ionization humidifier has 2 functions - oxygenates the air and increases the humidity level

Ionization is the process of detaching electrons from atoms or molecules of gases. As a result, from one molecule, two particles with a positive and negative charge are obtained. Indoors, this process does not occur naturally, so specialized devices are required.

Humidifiers make the air less dry, and the additional ionization function fills it with oxygen. They have a positive effect on the body: they strengthen the immune system, activate metabolic processes. Before using the device, you need to visit a doctor, as in some cases it is harmful.

The principle of operation of an air ionizer for an apartment

For home use, it is better to choose corona discharge devices. The principle of operation is simple: the device sucks in polluted dry air, after which small particles are processed by a high voltage electric field. Positively charged particles are passed through a negatively charged filter. Oxygen molecules ionize and flow back into the room.

Indications for using the ionization function

The use of an ionizing humidifier is indicated for bronchial asthma.

Air humidifiers-ionizers are recommended during epidemics of respiratory infections. Other indications for the use of the device:

  • bronchial asthma provoked by allergens;
  • neurasthenia, neurosis, impaired functionality of the peripheral nervous system;
  • wounds or damage to the skin;
  • decreased immunity;
  • deterioration in sleep, appetite;
  • problems with blood vessels and heart, increased blood pressure;
  • inactive tuberculosis.

A humidifier with ionisation function is used in a home with many electrical appliances and office equipment.

In what cases is air ionization contraindicated?

Cancer cells can start dividing faster when ionized.

You should not use such humidifiers in an apartment if the family has a child under one year old. In babies, the immune system is still weak, so the ionized air is not safe for them.

Other contraindications to the use of the device:

  • rheumatic pathologies;
  • damage to the central nervous system of an organic nature;
  • postinfarction condition;
  • depression (acceleration of metabolic processes can worsen the general condition of a person);
  • increased body temperature (acceleration of metabolic processes leads to an increase in the indicator);
  • exacerbation of pneumonia, pulmonary emphysema, tuberculosis;
  • oncological pathologies (ionization promotes cell division, and the tumor increases).

Do not use an ionizer if a person has an increased sensitivity to air ions.Sometimes the device is capable of aggravating allergic manifestations, therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using it.

Varieties of humidifiers with an ionizer and their characteristics

Ionized air humidifiers have different mechanisms of action. They are also often equipped with additional features.

Traditional models

Common model of air humidifier - atomizer

At home, traditional options are often used, in which a fan directs air onto a porous wet material. In this case, moisture evaporates naturally. This option is inexpensive and effective. Additionally, the device is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp that disinfects the air.

Such a humidifier works quietly and provides a good effect. Liquid evaporation can only be controlled manually. If the device contains an antibacterial filter, it will have to be changed periodically. A humidifier is placed near the battery.

Steam models

The water is heated to the boiling point and the resulting steam enters the room. The device is highly efficient, rarely equipped with additional filters, therefore, it is ineffective as a purifier. The steam appliance uses an ionizer and an ultraviolet lamp.

The device is easy to use, there are no special requirements for liquid, it is often used as a flavoring agent. However, it has a high energy consumption. The steam raises the room temperature. The device is noisy. Such a humidifier is a source of increased danger, as the steam can burn.


Ultrasonic Humidifier with Humidity Control Function

An ultrasonic machine breaks the water into tiny particles. The spray is blown out of the device by means of a fan. The operating frequency of the device is safe for humans. The device is often equipped with a hygrometer. The humidity level is adjusted manually or automatically.

The advantage of the device is high performance with minimal energy consumption. The settings are set at the request of the user. The product works silently. It contains an air filter. The product has a high cost. The fluid used has strict requirements. It is better to use distilled water. An additional function is air disinfection.

Climatic devices can simultaneously ionize, humidify and purify the air. Switching the device on and off is programmable.

The difference between an air ionizer and an ozonizer and a conventional humidifier

A humidifier has only one function - it fills with moisture. The ionizer enriches it with oxygen, negative ions. It is also not always supplemented with an air purification function. The device is intended for domestic use. The ionizer affects only microparticles in the air and dust. It is allowed to use it up to 24 hours a day.

The ozonizer produces ozone atoms. It cleans the air from bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms, and removes unpleasant odors. Sometimes it can be used at home, but not for long and when there is no one in the room. Its purpose is medical. If the ozonizer is not used as directed, there is a risk of oxygen toxicity.

Main selection criteria

For a small room, a low-power humidifier is enough

When choosing a humidifier supplemented with an ionization function, users often pay attention only to the technical characteristics and ratings of the product. However, in order to get a good device, you need to take into account other parameters:

  • The power of the device and the size of the room. The larger the second parameter, the higher the first. The maximum number of ions produced by the device does not exceed 50 thousand.
  • Lack of ozone production function.
  • System type. It is better to use active devices equipped with a fan.
  • Availability of additional functions (air disinfection).

A good humidifier has the necessary quality certificates and accompanying documents. Do not use them in a smoky or too dusty environment. Before purchase, the product is checked right in the store.

A humidifier with an ionizer helps to make the atmosphere in your home safe and comfortable. When buying a device, possible contraindications are taken into account. Knowing the characteristics of the equipment and its types, it is easier to make the choice.
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