Intercom models for an apartment with video surveillance

The intercom together with the control system is a combination of modules for transmitting and processing information from the outdoor unit to the intercom. The complex is used by the owner to restrict access to the dwelling. The video intercom for an apartment is equipped with locking units of an electronic or electromechanical type, information is transmitted by cable or by radio signal.

The main characteristics of video intercoms for an apartment

Video intercom kit for apartment

Work begins when a visitor uses a door station next to or on the front door, resulting in a two-way video call.

The block contains:

  • backlit digital buttons;
  • speaker;
  • microphone;
  • video camera;
  • reader module for card or key.

The switch transmits a signal to the intercom. The visitor can be seen on an internal screen connected to a security camera. The door is opened with a button if an electric lock is used, which is not related to the intercom design, but accepts the unlock or close command. Electromagnetic or electromechanical locks are used.


In addition to the basic functions of any intercom, video devices store and transmit recordings to the user

The devices keep residents safe and property safe. The systems are selected according to the customer's requirements and represent a microprocessor-based multifunctional circuit with the ability to replace or add individual blocks.

An intercom with video surveillance for an apartment performs the following functions:

  • gives visual and audio communication between the call panel and the intercom unit inside;
  • automatically locks the entrance;
  • gives a signal to the control panel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the Ministry of Internal Affairs about burglary, fire;
  • urgently calls the service 112, contacts the ambulance.

The device recognizes faces through a surveillance camera and monitors. No certification is required for the installation of such systems.

Connection and installation

Connection diagram

Install video intercom systems for the apartment in a place where it will be convenient to service them. An uninterrupted supply of electricity to the power supply is ensured, otherwise the device will stop when the network is disconnected. The monitor is attached next to the entrance with a latch.

Cables are laid, each of which is intended for a specific job. The wires are enclosed in special boxes, after laying the camera is connected to them.

Each core of a four-wire device performs its own functions:

  • green - monitor;
  • yellow - sound;
  • white - video;
  • red - power supply.

The connection is made depending on the type of monitor, so you need to follow the instructions.

VCR selection options

The resolution of the camera determines the quality of the image, which is important to consider when the user chooses an intercom for an apartment with video surveillance. Some models require an additional port for connecting an audio tube. The device must have several detachable contacts for connecting devices.

When choosing, pay attention to the parameters:

  • color or black and white screen;
  • the presence of the function of automatic storage of information;
  • the ability to register videos;
  • adjusting only the door in the apartment or also the driveway;
  • potentiality of work with alarms.

The admissibility of sending notifications to the phone is taken into account. If the circuit is additionally connected to the access system, models are selected that work with a typical intercom and video intercom.

Demanded models

Analog video devices are used in the multi-apartment sector. The devices are equipped with a standard set of assemblies and do not have options for upgrading. They are used in the driveway scheme, one switch serves up to 80 subscribers.

Digital intercom models with video are easy to install, connected using four wires, and do not require time-consuming preventive maintenance and maintenance. Self-diagnosis and display of information about an error in operation on the screen are provided. Malfunctions are stopped by a special device that does not allow one breakdown to disrupt the operation of the installation.

IP video devices use a Wi-Fi network to transmit information over a distance. Video intercoms of this type are expensive, but they are multifunctional control systems with automated access coordination.


Wireless video intercom

Devices are installed in places where cable laying is undesirable, intercom models use a radio channel to transmit information. The wireless path allows the outdoor panel to communicate with the receiving handset at a distance of 100 meters.

Compact models are manufactured in the form of a tube with a camera and an internal communication device. The model is a portable device that fits easily into a pocket. Users can borrow when moving around the apartment. They are convenient to use in large houses, summer cottages, warehouses and offices. There are inexpensive lines of Korean manufacturers on the market.

With recording function

The memory unit is usually built into a video surveillance intercom. Images are not recorded permanently, but are recorded after a call or when a motion sensor is triggered in the field of view. The setting allows you to select a specific time to register the picture from the screen.

The memory block is:

  • portable;
  • built-in.

The information is stored on the SD card, which can be changed to increase capacity. Multichannel video devices automatically transmit pictures to the screen from several surveillance cameras, record sound, transmit the image to the user on the phone.

With motion sensor

A home video recorder with a touch-sensitive detector records the dynamics of an object in its coverage area. The sensor is configured so that it turns on the surveillance camera at the start of the movement, the relay gives the command to activate the sound signal, record, transfer the alarm to the security point.

Video devices with motion sensors can be installed in entrances, at the entrance to an apartment, office, private building. Customization is done, but recording stops when the moving object is removed from the camera's field of view. Sensors are infrared, radio wave and ultrasonic.

Wi-Fi models

Cables are not used when connecting a video intercom to an apartment, because the device works over a wireless Wi-Fi network. All models function according to the standard: receive a call, provide communication, conduct monitoring and recognition, unlock the door. The user records the conversation and video at the moment of communication, takes a photo.

Cameras are wireless devices with built-in recorder, data compression processor and matrix. Connection to the device is possible not only from the internal monitor on the door, but also from other gadgets using iOS or Android.

Advantages and disadvantages of video intercoms

The advantages include the ability to control the flow of visitors at the entrance to the apartment and weed out unnecessary guests. The devices facilitate video recording, which can be used as evidence in certain cases. The user looks at the pictures while he is away from the apartment.

The advantages of a video device are that you can move the display and control unit to any area of ​​the home and coordinate the work.The display has a charging stand making it mobile and convenient. Built-in energy rechargeable batteries provide 100 hours of operation, then need to be recharged.

Disadvantages appear in budget models and lie in the fact that you cannot speed up or slow down the video. Often a picture recorded on one device looks distorted on another playback device.
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