What is liquid glass used for?

Liquid glass serves as a reliable insulator against moisture, is distinguished by antiseptic activity, and penetrates into the pores of the base. Silicate glue (trade name) is used as glue, sealant, additives to plaster, concrete, and other solutions.

Description and material properties

Liquid glass receive hydrolysis of potassium, sodium and lithium silicates, sometimes synthesized during the processing of other materials. The mixture dissolves in water, the solution is characterized by an alkaline reaction, while the pH is 10-13.

The viscosity and density of the material depends on factors:

  • concentration of the initial solution during manufacture (volume of water);
  • process temperatures;
  • the ratio of alkali and silicic acid.

Silicate softens at + 570 ° - + 670 ° C, the frozen film of the solution may dissolve in water. The presence of metal ions during rehydrolysis leads to the formation of insoluble silicates, the acid becomes the cause of the formation of an insoluble silicic acid gel.

A high density product is produced, then diluted to the required parameters. In construction, the concentrate is mixed with water, the temperature of which is not lower than + 15 ° C.

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