Anti-vibration mounts for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

Split air conditioning systems consist of two units. The inner one is installed indoors, and the outer one is mounted on the outer wall of the building. The outdoor unit is mounted using metal brackets. Strong supports support equipment weighing from 36 to 150 kg. The outdoor unit houses the compressor and the fan. The equipment vibrates and hums during operation. Noise disturbs not only the owners of climate control equipment, but also the neighbors. The installation of vibration dampers for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner will help to eliminate it.

Vibration causes

Noise level is one of the characteristics for choosing an air conditioner. The indoor unit operates in the range of 26-36 dB. The outdoor unit makes more noise - up to 56 dB. Moving parts such as fan and compressor make loud noise. Humming is often accompanied by vibration. An unpleasant situation arises for various reasons:

  • unbalanced fan impeller;
  • loose bolts on the brackets;
  • mounting the unit on a weak surface;
  • lack of vibration mounts for the air conditioner.

The increased vibration level accompanies the work of not only budget, but also expensive models. If it is caused by defects in the installation of the outdoor unit, they can be corrected.

The noise level is influenced by the correct choice of supporting elements (brackets), hardware. By installing vibration damping pads under the equipment feet, get rid of the problem.

Types of products

Rubber vibration dampers for the external block

Experienced installers know how important the installation of vibration damping products is. They prevent the transmission of vibrations through the metal to the building envelope. By design, there are rubber and spring. The material for the manufacture of dampers is rubber, natural vulcanized rubber and other polymers. Two bolts or one stud are cast inside the elastic shock absorbing element, which are used for fastening. Damper rubber has excellent vibration damping characteristics. Its structure contributes to the extinction of waves. The material is resistant to aging and wear, does not crack during operation. Among the advantages of the product:

  • moisture resistance;
  • operating temperature range from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C;
  • withstands short-term exposure to acid and oil;
  • height adjustment of the support is possible;
  • versatility - the products are suitable for any models of split systems, the main thing is to choose the right load.

Vibration mounts are made of various shapes: cylindrical, truncated cone, round.

Telescopic vibration mounts MNa

In other designs, the main part is the steel spring. It smooths out low-frequency vibrations. Polymer plates are rigidly attached to the end turns of the element. The spring can be placed between the thermoplastic coated steel discs. This design protects the internal mechanism from moisture and dirt.

When choosing an anti-vibration mount for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, several important factors should be considered:

  • load - products are designed for a certain weight of the air conditioner;
  • product material characteristics;
  • vibration absorption capabilities.

Parts differ in color, it depends on the inherent dynamic load.

High-quality vibration isolators for air conditioners are produced by the companies: Tecnosystemi, Soleco. Italian brands offer adjustable anti-vibration mounts for high weights up to 150 kg per item.Soleco vibration dampers are made of galvanized steel and a practical elastomer. They are resistant to ultraviolet light, weather conditions, organic fats, and provide electrical insulation. The parts have a hole for the M8 stud, the color of the model indicates the permissible load.

Vibration pads between wall and brackets

Rubber vibration pads between bracket and wall reduce noise

The place of installation of the outdoor unit and the supporting elements of the fastening are subject to special requirements for strength. They must be able to support the weight of the module with a margin. If the building is a panel building, vibration from operating equipment can be transmitted to neighboring apartments. To avoid conflicts and gradual destruction of the enclosing structure, isolation of the bracket post from the wall surface will help. A rubber vibration pad is placed between the two elements.

Vibration dampers for the legs of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

Vibration dampers for outdoor units or foot bushings are designed to damp vibrations of medium and high frequency. They are installed between the air conditioner and the metal support column. Together with a set of four vibration dampers, there are 8 washers and nuts made of galvanized steel. Other fasteners can also help reduce vibration. Vibration dampers are offered as a rubber gasket with an M8 bolt hole.

Installing a vibration mount for an air conditioner is the easiest and most affordable way to avoid an increased noise level during the operation of climatic equipment.
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