Review of LG Art Cool air conditioners: error codes, comparison of stylist, gallery, panel models

LG, a South Korean home appliance brand, emerged over 60 years ago with its first air conditioner back in 1969. Over time, the company's strategy has changed, the use of innovative technologies and device design has become the cornerstone. The manufacturer was right: the Art series compares favorably with other models of competing brands and is very popular among users. In addition to attention to the appearance of split systems, the developers pay attention to other indicators: multifunctionality, high performance of inverter air conditioners, work in rooms up to 60 square meters, the convenience of the remote control. Having reached a leading position in the market, the company goes further, presenting an updated line of air conditioners and air conditioning systems in Moscow on March 2, 2017.

Conditioners of the ART COOL series

Artcool air conditioner is a unique combination of price and quality, stylish appearance and innovative technologies. ArtCool Stylist air conditioners are distinguished by LED illumination of the inner case, first used by the developers of the LG brand. The peculiar shape of the front panel and small dimensions are the characteristics of a modern split system. Other advantages of the Stylist series include:

  • Sensational remote control, it is very easy to control the device with it. The absence of unnecessary buttons makes it easy to operate the Art Cool LG air conditioner.
  • The new generation primary filter blocks dust, dirt and other street pollution.
  • When creating the air conditioner, Smart Inverter technology is used, which provides low noise and energy saving.

The Artcool Panel model is equipped with a modern Neo-Plasma Plus air filtration system, as well as a self-cleaning function. Artcool Mirror models, although they look like a standard wall-mounted split system, they all look impressive in a room with any design. These split systems are equipped with practically the same parameters as Artkul Stylist. With the creation of Artcool Gallery devices, the developers have gone even further. Now the air conditioner cool climate is a decoration of the house. Users have the ability to change the image on the front panel and use it as a painting. Gallery air conditioners are not only beautiful and fit perfectly into any interior, but also multifunctional, because they are equipped with an inverter drive, and the air flow does not go in one direction, but is evenly distributed throughout the room.

ArtCool Slim air conditioners made of black tempered glass incorporate the most advanced technologies of the LG brand: stylish design, unique air purification technology, low noise level, inverter drive.

Industrial climatic technology

  • Duct type air conditioners are required in office or warehouse premises where there is no false ceiling. All users have in sight is the grille for the air flow from the street.
  • Floor and ceiling air conditioner. As the name suggests, such devices are mounted either at the bottom of the wall or under the ceiling.
  • The column air conditioner helps to cool or heat a large room, it is simple and convenient to operate.
  • Cassette variants are the most commonly used types of air conditioners that are installed on a false ceiling.
  • Multi-split systems have a single external unit and several internal ones, each of which comes with a remote control.The system is required to maintain a comfortable temperature in several rooms.

Comparison of characteristics of popular models

ModelArtcool a12aw1Artcool panel a09lheArtcool stylist a12iwk
The area of ​​the treated premises, kWUp to 35 sq.mUp to 20 sq.mUp to 35 sq.m
Energy efficiency classBUTBUTBUT
Cooling capacity, kW3,502,643,50
Heating capacity, kW4,202,733,50
Energy consumption for cooling, W10909401090
Energy consumption for heating, W1160860970
Noise level WB, dB39/33/1937/32/2839/33/19
Noise level NB, dB474674
Working temperatures (cooling), ° C-5 — 4821 — 43-10 — 48
Working temperatures (heating), ° C-10 — 241 — 24-15 — 24
Refrigerant usedR410AR410AR410A

Instructions for the control panel and air conditioners LG Art Cool

All Artcool air conditioners and other series are equipped with a remote control. The remote control is used to change modes, decrease and increase the air temperature. Everyone can easily use it, since the remote control for the air conditioner has a set of clear buttons, many of them show the corresponding pictures. It will also be convenient for those who first purchased an air conditioning system. Main buttons:

  • Button "On / Off»Enables and disables the split system.
  • Key "Jet cool»Enables the mode of enhanced operation for quick creation of a comfortable microclimate.
  • Using the button "Chaos Swing»The mode of chaotic alternation of the air flow guides of the plates can be activated. You can also set the desired direction.
  • The buttons "Set"And"Cancel»Users control an electronic timer.
  • Image button fan needed to start the fan.
  • Icon key stars required to set night mode.
  • Key "Autoclean»Is responsible for connecting the self-cleaning system, is not present in all models.
  • Using the button "Plasma»The owners control the ionization mode, it is also not present in all models.
  • To reset all settings, use the "Reset»Is required after replacing the batteries or before setting the exact time.
  • Button "2ndF»Switches the remote control to control the additional functions indicated in blue, in particular, users can set the time.

Models of Artkul Stylist air conditioners are equipped with a unique new generation remote control, which has a small screen and the ability to view information about the operating mode. However, if the signal does not pass when the desired key is pressed, then it is time to replace the batteries. It is important to use good quality batteries and respect the polarity for long-term operation of the remote control.

Error codes for air conditioners LG Art Cool

Buying an air conditioner is a conscious desire, which is why even before picking up the climatic equipment, the owners must decide on the choice of a master or a service center for high-quality installation and connection of the device. The home air conditioner sales center is also involved in the installation of equipment. Correct installation and installation of an air conditioner is the main condition for a long-term use of the device. The air conditioner must not be repaired and installed on your own, in order to avoid further technical problems.

Many LG air conditioners are equipped with a self-diagnosis system, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of equipment. The system displays error codes on the display of the indoor unit, which accurately determine the nature of the malfunction. It so happens that there is no such system on the plate model, so the owner himself must determine the health of the device. Objective signs of breakdown can help in this:

  • The appearance of a leak from the indoor unit.
  • Severe overheating of the power cable.
  • Extraneous odors during device operation.
  • Moisture penetration into the indoor unit of the air conditioner.
  • The appearance of extraneous sounds during the operation of the device.

Compliance with the operating rules specified in the instructions for air conditioners and timely contacting the service center when the first signs of a malfunction are detected are a guarantee of a quick solution to the problem.

User reviews

Users leave rather conflicting reviews.Owners of air conditioners in the business segment give positive comments. Art Cool conditioners have a number of advantages:

  • Low noise level, with the most economical mode does not reach 20 dB.
  • Maintaining a positive temperature.
  • It can be used not only in small rooms, but also in large apartments and houses.
  • Convenient control using the remote control.
  • Air conditioning systems of the art series quickly cool and heat the air, due to the inverter type of control.
  • Modern models of air conditioners filter the incoming air well, protect it from extraneous odors from the street.

Speaking about more affordable models, the owners notice significant drawbacks:

  • This is also a loud noise coming from the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Inability to set a comfortable temperature in the house. Whatever indicator you put in the room, it's still cold.
  • Boring appearance.
  • Difficulties in mounting and connecting the device.
  • The lack of a dehumidification function or a fan and, accordingly, the inability to create a pleasant temperature in the room.

The owners also complain about constant breakdowns of LG Art air conditioners. However, malfunctions occur due to poor-quality installation of devices. That is why you first need to look for a specialized service center, whose masters will easily install the device.

With regard to industrial air conditioners, users respond mostly positively. The devices cool the room well, maintain the desired temperature, are used on an area of ​​up to 300 square meters, the devices are easy to operate.

Choosing an air conditioner for your home or office is not an easy task. First of all, you need to evaluate which technique to give preference to, choose an option suitable for the size of the room, functionality, and the size of the wallet.
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