How to conclude an agreement with the gas service for servicing VDGO

Until 2006, maintenance of gas networks was included in the general tariff. Since then, users pay for maintenance of gas equipment in an apartment and a house as for a separate type of service. It is carried out on the basis of an agreement with the tenants. According to clause 10.3.1 of the industry standard 153.39-3.051 - 2003, such checks should be done at least once every 3 years before the end of the established service life.

The need for maintenance of gas equipment

The owner is responsible for the state of the GO

The current law imposes responsibility for the technical condition of the gas network and household appliances per owner buildings or living quarters. Owners conclude agreements with licensing organizations for diagnostics, maintenance, replacement and repair.

The need for inspections caused by the circumstances:

  • increased explosiveness of gas fuel;
  • identification of faulty devices is required;
  • you need to find unauthorized inserts bypassing the system.

Control maintenance gas facilitiesproviding communications to users.


Gas workers can turn off the gas supply if the owner does not have an agreement with a special office for maintenance.


  • the provision on the passage of maintenance is regulated in a government decree No. 549 of 2008;
  • the rules for using gas in apartments and private housing buildings are given in a government decree No. 410 of 2013

The law establishes requirements for units, networks and work on installation, design, operation, and rules for identifying household appliances. Standards have been developed to assess the performance and compliance of maintenance services with legal requirements.

What devices belong to VDGO

The abbreviation stands for indoor gas equipment... The general category of VDGO includes the following types of units and networks:

  • pipes from the riser to the shut-off valve belong to the common property of the residents;
  • containers and cylinders with liquefied fuel, serving one building;
  • safety devices;
  • shut-off cranes;
  • controlling and identification systems.

Joint equipment is located in the entrance, technical floor, basement, and the intra-apartment is located in the dwelling or in the premises of personal property.

To the apartment VDGO include:

  • gas stoves, water heaters, heating boilers;
  • taps, branch pipes, pipes;
  • convectors, lamps, burners;
  • gas sensors and meters.

There are also external and internal gas pipelines, depending on the location of the pipes.

Conclusion of a contract

Gas equipment maintenance contract common use in an apartment building is initiated by the company manager, it can be a cooperative, a company. The maintenance agreement for the units and the network within the dwelling is made by the owner.

The document states complex of actions for the maintenance, repair, restoration of the operability and serviceability of the equipment:

  • requirements for safe operation and proper maintenance;
  • responsibilities of the firm;
  • list and schedule of work, cost.

Provide the date of compilation, details, contacts, owner and company, the address of the object, the deadline for paying the maintenance fee. The subscriber writes an application, attaches documents, a specialized firm draws up a contract in two copies. After signing, draws up delineation of ownership.

Required documents

The owner must provide a photocopy of the main document, which certifies his identity as an applicant citizen.

Other documents:

  • paper on ownership the room in which the VDGO is located;
  • approved list of in-house or in-house equipment, confirmation of compliance of all objects with regulatory requirements (technical data sheets, certificates of conformity);
  • sealing acts for gas appliances indicating the date of the last check, drawn up by the service office, as well as the date for the next control survey.

If the contract is drawn up hired personprovide power of attorney from a notary for business management and documents confirming his identity.

Which organizations have the right to carry out maintenance

For maintenance and repairs, structures of a special department are responsible, which manage the distribution of fuel and have permission for such activities. The requirements for them are regulated by the supervisory federal service.

Maintenance entitlement the following formations have:

  • gas suppliers - such organizations have technical service units;
  • structures that are sellers of equipment;
  • other licensed firms.

In the last two cases clarify certification not for all gas appliances, but for those that are in the user's apartment, so that Gorgaz does not make claims to the maintenance procedure.

Agreement on the date of service provision

The work is carried out within the period agreed with the client. Agree on check time in ways:

  • by phone;
  • when contacting the consumer department;
  • in the client's personal account on the company's website.
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What is the maintenance schedule?
THAT is carried out on weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00. The population is notified about the planned inspection by any method 7 days before the start of work. The responsible organization creates an emergency dispatch service that receives calls about emergencies around the clock.

What should be included in TO

Originally service checks the quality of pipe fastening, condition of fittings, evaluates the integrity of unpainted and painted pipe sections.

Other required actions:

  • watching over main pipelines, regular bypass;
  • control the integrity of the cases in the outer and inner walls where the pipes pass;
  • check tightness connections, compliance with their standards;
  • test operability valves, gate valves, lubrication;
  • replacement sealing gaskets;
  • control and adjustment chimney draft and ventilation ducts, checking their fasteners.

There are works that are not indicated in the contractual list. The consumer orders and pays for such services additionally.

Cost and benefits

Replacement broken and broken structures of gas equipment paid by the customer... The purchase of spare parts is also part of his responsibilities. Self-disconnecting and connecting gas is prohibited, so they hire a specialized organization that needs to be paid. The price of the contract works is reflected in the agreementthe total cost of maintenance will be different for each subscriber.

Factors influence the price:

  • types and number of gas facilities;
  • technical characteristics of appliances in the home, power, complexity.

When concluding a contract for the maintenance of gas equipment for labor veterans, pensioners, disabled people by federal legislation benefits are not provided... Private companies can allow this privately. You cannot refuse to conclude a contract, since they will stop supplying fuel.

How is the check

Gas pipelines are checked annually, they are located under and above the ground, bypass and visually inspect structures. Once every three years, the condition of common collectors is revised and examined with the help of instruments.

Household networks and units are serviced with the same frequency:

  • plates;
  • flow heaters;
  • heating boilers;
  • convectors, etc.

At the end of the life of the device as specified by the manufacturer, it is checked annually. Once every three years, they carry out servicing of balloon stations, which are classified as gas equipment.

Who conducts maintenance

Many organizations that supply gas equipment form authorized service departments. In them, specialists are trained in maintenance with certain models of boilers, receive a license for such activities.

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You can check the identity of the service employee in his presence by phone, by contacting the service office. This is important, since sometimes inspections are carried out by people who cannot competently perform work, repair objects of civil defense. At the entrance, the employee provides a specialist certificate.

Work order

At the end of the work, a protocol is drawn up

At each visit as an inspector, the employee is obliged to perform a certain amount of work:

  • study of the tightness of units, connections;
  • checking the functioning of the units in all modes, adjusting the parameters if necessary;
  • cleaning and changing consumables;
  • verification of automatic sensors, meters;
  • control measurement of indicators.

The values ​​obtained for the last two positions are entered into the protocol.

Replacing defective devices

The equipment is changed, if it stops turning on, the basic units of the devices break down. The replacement is documented, while the user contacts the service with an application for a permit and a passport for a new unit. If it is installed in its old place, there are enough such papers.

In case of replacement with a transfer to another place, you need to order new technical conditions from the gas service, draw up a project for rebuilding pipes, only then will they issue a permit.

After the installation and connection are completed, the device is launched, an act of acceptance of work is drawn up.
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What is the maintenance schedule?
THAT is carried out on weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00. The population is notified about the planned inspection by any method 7 days before the start of work. The responsible organization creates an emergency dispatch service that receives calls about emergencies around the clock.