How to choose a gas water heater

A geyser for heating water is a small device that can solve the problem of lack of hot water supply or frequent shutdown of water in multi-storey buildings. The device of the column is similar for most manufacturers, but there are nuances that you need to understand before buying the device home.

The device and principle of operation of gas water heaters

Column device with electronic ignition

Gas burner - the main part of the column... It burns gas, the heat from which heats the water. The burner is located in a metal casethat conducts heat well.

Gas column device household looks like this:

  • burner;
  • ignition system;
  • hood;
  • chimney;
  • fan (not available on all models;
  • the combustion chamber;
  • heat exchanger;
  • fuel supply pipe;
  • water circuit;
  • water supply system;
  • hot water outlet pipe;
  • control panel for adjusting the flow of gas and water.

In some models, filters are installed between the column and the water supply system, which soften the water. This helps to reduce the amount of deposits on the inner walls of the device.

Water heating principle in a collumn:

  1. When water turns on, the pressure moves the diaphragm, which opens the gas valve stem.
  2. Gas is supplied to the burner and a flash occurs.
  3. The gas ignites and begins to heat the water, which then exits through one of the nozzles to the tap.
  4. Combustion products are discharged through a chimney or exhaust device.

All processes inside the column are controlled using the front panel.

Power modulation

Flame modulation by area

Flame modulation - this is a smooth change in power for comfortable use of hot water. The user sets the optimal temperature, which is subsequently maintained by the device's automation.

Depending on the model of the unit, the modulation is smooth or stepped (in some cases there can be up to 3 of them).

Distinguish modulation:

  • Electronic - the amount of fuel is dosed to the burner depending on the change in the water temperature.
  • Hydraulic. It is mainly used to regulate the temperature in the system of instantaneous water heaters. The amount of water that is controlled by the sensor changes.
  • Ionization. The built-in sensor regulates the operation of the gas fittings.

Advantage the presence of a flame modulation function - in optimizing gas consumption, the cost of heating the room in winter is reduced.

An automatic gas water heater with smooth flame control is better, since in 90% of cases, various switches and switches are the cause of breakdowns.

Heat exchanger type

Depending on the material from which the heat exchanger is made, its quality of work and service life depend.

In gas water heaters are used:

  • Stainless steel. An inexpensive option, but quite massive.
  • Copper coil of normal quality. The distribution of heat is uneven, since not completely refined copper contains impurities. Such a heat exchanger is not durable.
  • Highly purified copper. The energy efficiency of the column, the heat exchanger of which is made of commercially pure copper, is much higher. The cost of such a column will also be high.

On sale you can find inexpensive units with aluminum heat exchanger.

This unit in the column is constantly under the influence of high temperatures, therefore, it often fails. For prophylaxis, it is recommended to periodically wash it in the usual or chemical way.

Combustion products removal

Basically, two methods are used to remove combustion products in gas columns - conventional type chimney and turbocharged coaxial... The first method is more suitable for private houses, the second - for apartments with autonomous heating and hot water supply.

In columns of the first type the combustion chamber can be open - air is drawn from the room, then fed to the burner and discharged through a vertical pipe.

In columns of the second type no vertical chimney is used. Instead, there is a short horizontal pipe, along the edges of which air is taken from the street, and the burnt gases come out through a pipe located in the center of the first. To speed up the exhaust of gases, there is a built-in fan inside.

The advantage of a coaxial pipe is that the column does not burn oxygen in the room, but takes it from the street. No additional air supply is required to ensure combustion. The turbocharged column can also be installed in a private house - this will significantly reduce the cost of arranging a chimney.

Safety system

Gas as a fuel is potentially hazardous and if mishandled can lead to an accident... If gas equipment fails, it can also cause leakage and explosion. For safety, there is a multiple sensors:

  • Traction sensor. Its main purpose is to control the outflow of air from the column. It may contain hazardous combustion products such as carbon monoxide. With reverse draft, the air flow can extinguish the burner and lead to poisoning of people in the room. The reason is a blockage in the chimney.
  • Overheating sensor. Monitors the water temperature, is installed on the heat exchanger tube. When the temperature rises above 85 degrees, the sensor turns off the column.
  • Flame sensor. It works and cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out for any reason.
  • Control of water in pipes. It is necessary to turn off the unit in time if the tap turns off in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Water pressure control. The burner will not turn on until the head reaches the required level.

Sensors need to be checked periodically as they operate in a harsh environment and may fail to perform their function.

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The service life of the gas water heater directly depends on the quality of the water: the harder it is, the faster the device is covered with scale and starts to work worse. The increased power in the presence of temperature sensors negatively affects the service life, since the device runs into wear and tear.

Gas columns rating

The rating of geysers is headed by models that are made of the highest quality materials, at the same time have an affordable cost and last longer.


If the budget for the purchase of a column is limited, it is recommended to take a closer look at flowing water heaters... They are much cheaper than accumulative ones. The fewer functions and sensors, the cheaper the device. You can limit yourself to a semi-automatic unit if it will serve to heat water.

  1. Zanussi GWH 6 Fonte Is one of the most popular cheap models. Needs careful maintenance, works worse on hard water.
  2. Zerten W-20 - slightly more expensive, but has a capacity of 10 l / min, therefore it is suitable for a family of 3 - 4 people.
  3. Thermex - flowing gas water heater. The most expensive in the low price segment. Suitable for a private house, as it is necessary to build a chimney.
Price of a gas water heater Zanussi GWH 6 Fonte

average price

Most of the models of gas water heaters are produced in the middle price segment. it the best choice in terms of safety, service life and the number of potential repairs.Currently, there is not much difference in who the equipment manufacturer is, as domestic brands also make high quality products from good materials.

It is recommended to choose speakers in proven places where the seller has a quality certificate. It is desirable that there is a service for the repair of equipment nearby.

  1. In the middle price category is the leader Bosch brand. Model WR-10 2P23... It can be safely put in the first place, since the ratio of quality and price is the most profitable for buyers.
  2. Technics Electrolux slightly more expensive, in particular the model GWH 14 Nano Plus 2.0. In the rating, she was rated at 9.5 points.
  3. Column Mora vega 10 E made from quality materials, especially internal parts, which are subject to increased stress, but its cost is approaching the high price segment.
Price of a gas water heater Bosch WR-10 2P23

Premium class

The best gas water heaters for an apartment have advanced functionality, as well as high security standards... There are also disadvantages: it is expensive for most domestic buyers. If the water quality does not correspond to the operating parameters, the operation of the device is blocked. Old water pipes have a lot of impurities, and there are no filters for calcium and magnesium ions. In some cases, along with the column, you have to buy filters for softening water, which also require periodic replacement.

  1. If you buy expensive gas equipment, then only Bosch WRD 13 2-G... A heat exchanger made of purest copper will last a long time without the need for repairs.
  2. Even more expensive and more functional model 16 E of Mora Vega... The manufacturer is not yet very well known in Russia, but the equipment is already gaining popularity.
Price geyser Bosch WRD 13 2-G

Expert advice on choosing a speaker for an apartment and for a house

If the column will be used in the bathroom - in a humid room - masters recommend choosing only psemi-automatic models... Steam from hot water negatively affects the operation of all electrical components inside the column.

Vending machines can only be placed in the kitchen.

First, it is necessary to determine the water consumption, and then, according to these values, choose the power of the unit. Power must be matched with a margin.

Should correlate the water pressure with the power of the column... If the pressure created by the pump is small, a too powerful column will not heat the water, but boil it. In the summer it is not necessary at all. In order to choose the right devices, it is recommended to make calculations before buying, and also take into account the number of water flow points.
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