How to turn on the gas water heater

Modern continuous gas heaters are easy to operate and safe. Water begins to warm up in the system if the gas column is turned on correctly and the requirements for use are met. The heat exchanger chamber is represented by a steel container located above the burner; it has the shape of a coil with projections, covered with a metal sheet. Outside there is a spiral pipe through which water flows and heats up.

Gas column device

Gas column device

In flowing units, there is no storage tank. The water temperature rises when passing through the heat exchanger, under which there is a burner with an igniter.

Standard installation modules:

  • two distribution blocks for gas and water;
  • kindling device and switch;
  • chimney connection unit;
  • membrane valve;
  • liquid flow sensor, display;
  • working power regulator, thermostat;
  • hood hood, rear wall.

Air to keep the flame served forcibly, or he enters in a natural way depending on the type of speaker. Hot water comes out of the unit and enters the water pipes.

Classification of flow equipment

In the unit open view combustion air is used from the room, and the combustion chamber is made unobstructed. The smoke escapes through a chimney connected to a ventilation shaft.

This version of the column is inexpensive, but has some limitations:

  • long burning reduces oxygen concentration in the room;
  • some smoke enters the surrounding atmosphere.
Column with an open chamber
The cost

IN closed chamber air is forced in, the products of gas combustion are removed by the same method. A safer option, since a coaxial chimney is used, where two pipes are combined to remove smoke and supply air. Due to the operation of the turbines, the cost increases.

Column with a closed chamber
The cost

By power distinguish between units: high - skipped per minute from 28 l water, medium - 20 - 28 l, low-power - up to 19 l... The latest models are used for showers, washbasins.

Electricity consumption distinguish types:

  • only for the kitchen they put low-consumption equipment - 17 - 20 kW;
  • connecting the booth will increase the power up to 25 kW;
  • the inclusion of a bath or additional places for parsing water into the circuit will require 32 kW.

Power regulator can be stepped, with a smooth transition, automatic. Enough for apartments bandwidth 10 - 15 l / min., And a private house will require a maximum rate.

Preparing to launch

The chimney must be rigid. Do not put corrugated

It is necessary to light a gas column according to the instructions, since the gas belongs to a dangerous and toxic category of substances. Air concentration greater than 15% will result in an explosion.

Before starting, check:

  • serviceability water pipes, the presence of pressure in them;
  • pressure gas in the main.

When buying, check the equipment flame controllerso that the semiautomatic device can turn off the gas supply when damping. In a unit with an automatic machine, the system takes into account the setting problems, and the user reads the performance indicators from the screen.

If there is no organized ventilation in the room, choose closed units. forced draft... Installation rules:

  • non-standard joints without the use of standard parts are made metal, connected by welding;
  • the length of the connecting elements cannot be more than 3 m and 6 mm (for new buildings and old houses);
  • the slope of the pipe is provided from the boiler, it is 1 cm per 1 l / m.

Ferrous metal casings are primed and varnished.

Traction check

The air pressure is checked in the exhaust ducts so that carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide leave the room without hindrance. Check with loose paper strips or a burning match. The objects are brought to the inspection hole in the housing. The paper should stick to it, and the tongue of fire should be pulled in.

Reasons for poor traction:

  • Wrong chimney diameter... The narrow one does not conduct the smoke mass, but in the wide one the smoke cools down quickly, and a motive stream is not created.
  • Chimney height... Better draft in a high pipe, low is insufficient.

The culprit of bad cravings becomes fog, strong wind, atmospheric pressure drop.

Leak test

The joint is not tight

During processing, add to the gas mixture odorants - substances with a pungent odor, so that the user can feel the presence of gas in the room.

Depressurization of hoses, pipes, gas column malfunctions, other breakdowns lead to the release of fuel into the air, the process usually occurs with a characteristic hissing sound.

To identify the leakage problem, apply soapy water solution, which is spread on the joint with a brush. If bubbles are blown up, gas escapes from the joint.

How to turn on the column

Burners are with constant and variable power, in the first case, the flame is controlled manually. In the second, the combustion intensity is adjusted automatically, taking into account the flow of water and its pressure in the pipes.

Columns are produced using one of the types of inclusion:

  • manual ignition;
  • pieza;
  • electronic ignition.

In the latter case, the water tap must be turned on to ignite. In standby mode, the igniter does not work, therefore fuel is saved.


Manual ignition is almost never used lately. You need to open the water tap supplying liquid to the column. Then the gas supply is started (usually a valve or lever). A lighted match is brought to the burner, the escaping gas is ignited by the fire.

The intensity of combustion is regulated by twisting the knob. The method is dangerous and not very convenient. It is recommended to use long matches (for a fireplace).

With piezoelectric element

Piezo ignition involves the use of device for generating a spark... There are no cases in which the gas column does not ignite due to a malfunction of this element, more often the reason lies elsewhere.

It's easy to use:

  • press the button to light the igniter;
  • set the temperature with the regulator.

The benefits include independence from electrical energy, what is important at the summer cottage. The disadvantage is that after the heating pad is ignited, the igniter continues to burn, therefore fuel consumption increases.

With electric ignition

In this case, the device operates on electricity, and if it is not available, use spare batteries.

Principle of operation is similar to the action of ignition in a car:

  • sparks are emitted by a generator, the operation of which begins with the switching on of the crane;
  • there are models where the spark is created by an impeller driven by a water flow like a turbine.

Electric ignition is considered the most reliable and convenient... The ignition unit is not cheap, but quickly pays for itself due to gas saving and comfortable operation.

The column turns on when water begins to flow

Recommendations for use

Any type of fuel is dangerous if not observed security measures... Fire up the unit strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions.Modern equipment is equipped with several protective levels and operates in an automatic manner.

Tips for working with a gas water heater:

  • it is impossible to turn on the device in the absence of traction, reverse suction of smoke into the room;
  • it is better if there is a natural flow of air from a transom or window;
  • it is not recommended to set the temperature above + 55 ° С, to combine cold and hot water in the mixer.

The problem with turning on occurs with the old-style flow heaters with manual control.

When to turn on

The ignition time depends on the type of gas heater. Units with a permanently lit wick are turned on in the morning, and they function during the day. After that, the column is ready for use - the burner turns on after opening the water tap.

Columns without a wick (automatic) also turn on by themselves after using water, they do not need to be ignited first. The automation may not turn on the equipment if there is no fluid pressure. It usually takes 3-4 minutes to heat the water.

Ask an expert
Is it possible to turn on cold water while the column is running?
This is not recommended for several reasons. Such actions lead to the formation of scale on the inner walls of the heat exchanger. Manufacturers prohibit mixing hot and cold water, since the supply of a cold stream affects the degree of heating, leading to destruction and breakdown of the unit. A comfortable temperature is set immediately so as not to mix cold water during bathing or household use. Modern gas vending machines have a summer-winter transition mode. With the help of such an improvement, a new temperature is quickly set, the water acquires the required parameters.

Do I need to turn off at night

Speakers with a constantly burning wick are recommended to be turned off at night. There is no such warning in the instructions, since the unit is successfully protected from accidental fire and an accident.

During the night shutdown, gas fuel is saved, since hot water is rarely needed during this period of the day. Disconnection is also recommended in case of obvious malfunctions in the unit.

Why does the column turn on by itself

The column can turn on by itself if the pipe is leaking

In automatic types of instantaneous heaters, regardless of the release time, a device is installed to prevent unscheduled switching on.

This process does not start due to a speaker malfunction, cause in the other: in the hot water supply system at the site after the boiler connection there is a water leak; column automation regards such a situation like opening a tap regularly, and turns on the burner.

The solution to the problem is to eliminate leaks from pipes, mixers, shower hose connections.

Safety engineering

Categorically you cannot install gas equipment yourself, licensed organizations are invited for this.

Safe work rules:

  • children and those who are unfamiliar with the operating instructions are not allowed to turn on and adjust;
  • do not reschedule the water and gas connection points on their own;
  • when a smell appears, they immediately turn off the gas, electrical appliances throughout the house;
  • open windows, doors, call emergency gang.

Do not turn on the light in the room, since a spark flies out, which will cause a detonation and explosion.

Malfunctions and repairs

Bosch gas water heater error codes

The documents for the unit contain a description of malfunctions that the user can eliminate himself. The display shows error codesto recognize and correct them, you need to read the instructions for this particular model.

Typical malfunctions:

  • there is no water in the supply system;
  • the liquid is supplied with a weak pressure;
  • water leaks.

In all cases, you can fix the problem yourself. If the user is not sure of their abilities, you need to call a specialist from the city organization.

The column does not turn on

If a the water pressure in the supply pipes is insufficient, then the membrane does not open the valve, and the gas column does not light up.At the same time, a characteristic click is heard, but the fire does not appear.

To fix you need:

  • contact the workers of the water utility;
  • if the pressure in the network is normal, then the mesh filter at the inlet to the distribution water block is checked, if necessary, it is washed;
  • low gas pressure is reported to the city supply.

In the latter case, there may be a leak directly at the user's apartment, therefore presence of specialists is obligatory.

The column goes out

If the gas water heater goes out, you need to check if the pipe is clogged

The igniter can fade out after starting work, so you need to observe the process, listen to sounds. Sometimes leads to extinction stability sensor malfunction, while the burner goes out after 4 - 5 seconds. after firing up. Need to do multiple inclusions, after which work is usually restored.

If the burner goes out, it can be turned off smoke and carbon monoxide detector... The pipe is clogged, and it needs to be cleaned of soot, soot. If the smoke is drawn into the ventilation casing, then during the operation of the column, the fan is turned off, or set to a minimum.

The speaker does not turn off

Sometimes, after closing the water tap, the burner continues to burn. Such malfunctions must be entrusted to specialists, since in order to eliminate the problem, you need to know the structure of the gas block.

Common Causes:

  • something interferes with the movement of the valve stem (more often diaphragm deflection);
  • the microswitch sticks in a certain position.

If the baffle does not move to the initial position, the relay opens, but the stem is not positioned in the closed situation. The controller does not isolate the EMC, the fire does not go out.

Overview of gas water heaters, features of inclusion

The machine is switched on without user intervention, ignition is carried out with the help of electronics. Otherwise, all semi-automatic machines operate on the principle of automatic machines.

They have everything built-in services:

  • modulation of fire;
  • temperature coordination;
  • carbon dioxide concentration sensor.

The statement that a semi-automatic type is worse than an automaton is incorrect. Semi-automatic machines often have 2 burners for heating water and regular combustion to turn on the main one.


There is a wide range of models on the market with multiple modifications. The body color is gray and white.

Portuguese experts collect series:

  • Therm 2000 O - the budget model with a capacity of 10 l / min is equipped with automatic control, there are several sensors;
  • Therm 4000 O - produce automatic machines, models with piezo ignition, productivity from 10 to 15 l / min;
  • Therm 4000 S - there are fans to increase the draft, the units can operate without a chimney;
  • Therm 6000 O - automatic models with an internal hydrogenerator, productivity 10 - 15 l / min;
  • Therm 6000 S and Therm 8000 O - industrial versions with a capacity of 24 - 27 l / min.
Gas water heater price Bosch


Produced by domestic manufacturers, the products are sold in Russia and in neighboring countries. The Glass and Turbo series are popular.

Positive traits products:

  • automatic control;
  • work without electricity, since batteries are used for this;
  • seasonal switching of the degree of heating is provided for warm and cold seasons.

The designs are economical units that minimize operating costs.

Oasis gas water heater price


A feature of some models, for example Neva 3208 is that nBefore the first start-up, the ignitors must be ignited manually, for which 2 keys are pressed to obtain a spark. Electric ignition uses energy from batteries (models Neva 4511 and 5014, 5011).

Hydro-turbine ignition uses water pressure to generate a spark; models with this control do not need electricity. The product is more expensive than other types. Temperature control sensors are installed in models Neva Lux 4513 and 4514.

Neva gas water heater price
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Is it possible to turn on cold water while the column is running?
This is not recommended for several reasons. Such actions lead to the formation of scale on the inner walls of the heat exchanger. Manufacturers prohibit mixing hot and cold water, since the supply of a cold stream affects the degree of heating, leading to destruction and breakdown of the unit. A comfortable temperature is set immediately so as not to mix cold water during bathing or household use. Modern gas vending machines have a summer-winter transition mode. With the help of such an improvement, a new temperature is quickly set, the water acquires the required parameters.