Varieties of socket boxes: materials, design and dimensions

A socket-outlet is a blank of a certain shape used for fastening closed or open-type household installation products. They usually mean sockets, switches, as well as special junction boxes known to most users. The socket for outdoor installation is manufactured in various designs, differing in their shape and used material. Their counterparts, used for hidden or internal installation, are traditionally made in the form of a special fastening structure - a plastic cup.

Types of socket outlets for surface mounting

Preparing a square socket for installation

An outdoor product or an invoice socket is used when arranging open wiring, which determines its design features.

The main differences between open-type products are manifested in the form given to them during production.

According to this feature, all known samples of external socket boxes are subdivided into the following types:

  • rectangular blanks for fixing sockets;
  • square socket boxes;
  • oval (round) products, usually used for setting single samples.

Also, the blanks differ in a number of characteristics, the main of which are the material of manufacture, design features and dimensions. According to the material, the socket boxes are divided into plastic, products from plywood or from a simple wooden board.

Rectangular metal double socket

A standard rectangular socket box can have one, two, three or more single "seats". Professionals call such products multi-seat.

For the installation of several sockets, it is allowed to use the so-called "modular" socket boxes, on the basis of which, if desired, an arbitrary number of places can be recruited. With the help of a set of several modules, 4-point socket boxes are easily obtained, for example.

Typical (standard) characteristics of such products traditionally include:

  • dimensions;
  • specified thickness;
  • diameter (for round blanks).

According to the method of fixation, the fixtures are divided into models designed for installation on a solid concrete base and mounted on a plasterboard wall. For the second case, a socket for hollow walls is more suitable, the design of which provides for the possibility of fixing it on such bases.

Hollow Wall Products

Installation box for hollow walls

An installation box for gypsum plasterboard sheets is an indispensable element, without which installation in so-called "hollow" walls is impossible. In this case, together with other components, it forms a structural frame, on the basis of which all apartment electrical wiring is equipped.

On such installation products, not only standard sockets are mounted, but also switches, junction boxes and regulators of various classes. They reliably fix all electrical devices installed on them, guaranteeing their performance for a long time.

The typical installation size of these samples, like all other types of socket outlets, is 68 mm. For different manufacturers, it varies within a small range (up to 70 mm), but at the same time, the edges, shaped as stiffeners, are taken into account. Without taking them into account, the size of the product is the same - 68 mm.

Selection order

When considering the criteria that guide the selection of rectangular socket boxes, special attention is paid to solving the following issues:

  • For what specific purposes they are used.
  • How to determine the type of outlets you need, suitable for the interior of a given room.
  • Which is better: modular or multi-seat open products.

When choosing, the method of fixing the purchased devices is also taken into account.

Declared goals

Taitong socket

For the installation of smart sockets and other elements of intelligent equipment, it is most convenient to use the square socket boxes from Taitong. They are available on the open market in models with the following performance characteristics:

  • landing dimensions: 86x86x34 mm;
  • body material - PVC plastic.

The design has two built-in nuts that are required to secure the smart plugs.

Appearance (design)

When evaluating the appearance of products suitable for the interior of the room, they proceed from the possibility of selecting them by color, shape or design features.

The domestic industry produces special socket boxes, decorated in the "retro" style. They are manufactured as antique styled wiring elements, consisting of a pair of colored twisted conductors. During its design, individual cores are fixed on special rollers, also made in the "retro" style. In the usual design, when choosing a shape, they proceed from the requirements of compliance with the design of the room.

Oval patterns are preferred in rooms with soft edges. Square and rectangular counterparts are more suitable for modern interiors decorated in the "High Tech" style.

Modular or multi-seat

Mounting box with socket outlets

When choosing the number of places on the socket outlets and their design, they usually proceed from the following considerations:

  • If it is planned to install several electrical devices at a seat at once, it is wiser to choose a multi-seat socket, specially designed for these purposes.
  • In a situation where it is possible in the future to expand the total number of wiring accessories, preference is given to modular designs.

The correct choice of a socket-outlet suitable for interiors is a responsible business. Only taking into account all the factors mentioned will allow you to make the only right decision and choose the right copy.
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