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This user agreement governs the relationship between the Administration of the home.techinfus.com/en/ Site and the users of the site on the use of the home.techinfus.com/en/ site, on the posting of comments on the site and the use of materials located on the home.techinfus.com/en/ site.

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1. General Provisions

1.1. The home.techinfus.com/en/ website is a publicly accessible information resource for users and carries out its activities in compliance with the current legislation.
1.2. The relationship associated with the use of the Site is governed by law and this User Agreement.
1.3. The user agreement is a public offer. By starting to use the Site, the user automatically joins the User Agreement and fully accepts its terms.
1.4. The current version of the User Agreement is posted at:https://home.techinfus.com/en/agreement/
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1.6. If the user does not agree with the User Agreement or with its individual terms, he is obliged to stop using the Site and any of its materials.

2. Copyright

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2.3. When using any articles from the Site on the Internet, a link to the original source is required in the form of an active link to the article that is not closed from indexing by search engines.